John Moore III is a VNA & Hospice Foundation Nightingale Legacy Society Member. Having never gave it a second thought, he credits the hospice care his mother received as his reason why. John elaborated, “Individuals who give so graciously through estate planning do so because they’ve realized what I have, the profound value in comfort that the VNA brings at a very difficult time and they want to endorse that with a gift through planned giving.”

Specializing in estate planning and having experienced hospice care first hand, John offers a testimony of hope and a shoulder to those who have walked a similar path. End of life hospice care is an intimate journey. With a brief pause of reflection, he found the words, “Planned giving is a way to give back. It’s a way to give thanks.” Families who have experienced hospice care want to make sure Hospice House remains a cornerstone of passionate care where a loved one can die with dignity, where families can say goodbye and find the strength to heal through love. 

No stranger to VNA, John’s mother, Pat Moore, was an integral part of the operations in the early days. Growing up, he experienced her commitment first-hand; however, he gives because he’s grateful and humbled by the care his mother and family received at a time when they needed it most. John summed it up well, “I guess you could say, VNA is in my DNA.”